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SOUGHT AFTER’s product offerings are all encompassing and traverses all market segments and demographics. We provide beauty products with a purpose that invigorate your self-confidence and self-worth.
PMD South Africa

Sought After

Sought After brings you innovation, technology and skill to give you that get-up and go, glow and glowing skin. Sought After understands that your success is tied to your self-confidence and that you are at your best with a beautiful skin. Our product offerings cater for all our beautiful diverse customers, including those with troubled skin (for example adult acne, acne, marks, blemishes and loss of elasticity), and irrespective of whether you are a man or a woman.
PMD South Africa
One of our most significant introductions to the South Market and skin is PMD . PMD is an American business focused on the research, development and manufacture of facial cleaning devices, Microderm (handheld Microderm abrasion) and lip Suction devices. The technology, which has been subjected to extensive clinical trials, allows the average user to use the products utilised by skin care experts and professionals, safely and effectively at home or when travelling. The user experience is supplemented by educational videos and teachings available from PMD.